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How does it feel with your partner’s shaft coupling and swirling in your hot spots? Heaven!

All sexually active women know well there is more than one way to reach climax. Indeed true! Now use Rotating dildo and give yourself the best sexual pleasure. Once you start using rotating dildos you will surely ask for more.

Designed with the dual system of rotating and vibrating, rotating dildos 124 will leave you moaning with pleasure. Rightly said, this “Magic wand” will blow your mind every time you use it.

These randy revolvers rotate all-around your vagina until it purrs with pleasure and satisfaction. If you want to double a more stimulation try it with added attachments like clitoral stimulators and these vibrators will make your eyes roll all night long

Here, you will get detailed information about everything that you should wrap your heads around before using a vibrating dildo 124

So what are basically rotating dildos?

As the name suggests, rotating dildos are the ones that rotate and vibrates thus giving you the feel of real-life thrusting. Designed with multiple features with an added remote control helps you to get the dildo function the way you want. This sex toy adds a whole new world to your sex life leaving you moaning for more and more.

So what do rotating dildos actually do?

Designed to feel like a male erect penis, rotating dildos 124 gives you that coupling and swirling feeling inside your vagina that makes that arouses stimulation and gives you a more intense orgasm. If you want to play solo or even with a partner, rotating dildos will help you enjoy the most erotic ecstasy. They basically have two separate vibrating motors, one in the vaginal shaft and the other in the clit shaft and can be switched between different patterns and intensities.

Though a regular rotating dildo rotates four times per cycle this feature varies depending upon the manufactures. Along with the rotating feature, you get various speed, vibration, the squishy feeling with remotely controlled rotation and various other features. With the sex toy market being so advanced, there are companies that come up with such weird features that are even hard to believe. You will be amazed to witness how these dildos look like a real-life penis with veins running through along with the perfect shaft. For a better mental picture of what they look like, you can go to https://lovegasm.co/collections/rotating-dildo.

Should I use rotating dildos?

Well, why not? Rotating dildos are great only if you don’t have a problem using them. It’s not always possible to get a partner who is just as erotic as you are. It makes the monotonous life feel boring without a spice up story. This is where rotating Dildo 124 comes into play. You won’t even need a partner to help you experience your climax, Rotating vibrators will do the work for you.

When you have a partner, there are expectations, judgment, argument, anger and so many unnecessary emotions involved. Using rotating dildos is a one-stop solution to all the above-mentioned problems.

Here we have top 3 Rotating dildo

Delicious Thick 8” Rotating Dildo with Suction Cup BY Honey Adult Play

This 8-inch rotating dildo by Honey Adult Play is there to satisfy all your fantasies. Designed with 4 different rotation mode, this rotating dildo will turn on the heat to a different level altogether, giving you an intense experience of sexual pleasure. Here they also have climax mode as well. The added advantage of suction cups give you the opportunity to use it hands-free whenever you feel like.

Made with seamless medical-grade silicone, this rotating dildo has 100% waterproof built that are latex and Phthalate free? Use it in your bathtub, under the shower or anywhere submerged with water, Mr.Thick will always be safe and secure.

With 4 different rotation mode (including climax mode), this rotating dildo 124 has a mode for everyone. If you want to use it as a regular dildo, you can do that too jut by turning off the rotation. It’s that simple! When you own an 8- inch long, thick that is crafted to perfection dildo like this, you don’t even need a man.

Realistic Thrusting and Rotating Dildos by Love and Thrust

This one rotating dildo along with is enough to make your play solo in your bed. Designed with a realistic suction- cup with a length of 6.75 inches, this dildo by Love and Vibe has everything that you have been looking for in a sex toy. With a total of 10 rotating modes, there is nothing one can ask for more.

The incredible design of the solo suction cup will for sure make you fall head over heels.  Features like a pair of testicles, bulging veins with a gorgeous fat tip will give you the time of your life. With a diameter of 1.75 inches, you can insert this rotating dildo into your vaginal and anal orifices.

These rotating dildos are fully rechargeable and come along with a USB cable as well. The 10 different rotating modes are perfect for your mood whether you want a slow tickling motion or a hard and thrusting against your walls.

360-degree Rotating Telescopic Dildo by Feelingirl

This innovative vibrator dildo is ideal for G-spot stimulation. With 7 Frequencies and 2 telescopic Modes you can enjoy any speed you want. Not only helps to vagina and clitoris but every part of the body that has sensitive parts. Not only women, gays, couples but everyone can enjoy the pleasure of this rotating dildo.

Designed with extra stretching material along with an extra-strong vibration mod will make you reach your climax effortlessly. Made of safe and ABS Material, this rotating vibrator by Feelingirl gives you the feeling of real-life lovemaking. The deep thrusting with the side-by-side shock easily stimulates our sensitive walls, thus reaching orgasm too soon.

Adjust the frequency to your ideal speed and enjoy the dildo moving back and forth like an actual penis moving inside your vagina. You can use these dildoes anywhere and everywhere you like starting from the bed to the bath.


Sex toys are being used since centuries starting from the Greeks- who never held the narrowness of sexuality.  Since then vibrators and dildos have come a long way. Now the game is altogether on a different level bringing forward the opportunity to fulfill the weirdest fantasies.  Gift yourself rotating dildos 124 and reach orgasm as many times as you want whether with a partner or without!!