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As most of my readers probably know, I’ve been practicing BDSM for many years. The fun thing about BDSM is that it never gets boring. Even after all of those years, I still keep discovering new things on a regular basis. Just as with normal sex. Even though BDSM is not always sex for me per se, and sex does not always have to be BDSM but that’s a whole other story.

In all of those years, I’ve never used a spreader bar. I already had some kind of bar, but I always used it to hang it on the ceiling and put wrist cuffs around it, but I never used it for in between my ankles.

Spreader Bar

I was already familiar with various brand. My first wrist cuffs from years ago were also made by this brand. Those were super comfy cuffs. They have a few very fun BDSM items, cool harnesses (I’ve got a very beautiful one with all kinds of different straps) and some (partially) leather clothing.

So, when Sandra from Orion sent me this cool spreader bar, I was super excited. Something new to try out is always fun to me. And in this case, it’s even exciting.

You put the spreader bar in between your ankles and the goal of it is to keep your legs apart. And, well, I think you can imagine for yourself why this can be fun and exciting. If you love that kind of thing. And I do happen to love it. This spreader bar is super handy, because you can completely extend it. At its smallest it’s 35 centimeters and extended completely it’s a whopping 60 centimeters. The leather ankle straps are already strapped to it, so that’s super handy.

Useful Bag

The spreader bar is wrapped in a very discreet black little bag which you can close by pulling two strings and you can hold the bag by these strings. There is also a piece of chain with an O-ring connected to it, which might make it a little less discreet, but makes carrying it a little easier. It does not bother me a lot, but it does not really have to be discreet in my opinion. Everything you see now is an oblong shaped black bag with a piece of chain connected to it. It’s no problem for me to walk with this outside of the house. I actually did that and no one looked at me funny. Well… for as far as I know.

On the black bag, you will find an oversized label and on it you’ll see pictures of a lady using a spreader bar. Probably just in case you didn’t know how to use it I guess. This label is connected with a carabiner which is something you’ll never get enough of as a BDSM person, so that’s a nice little extra. You can use this to easily connect wrist cuffs together for example.


The spreader bar is made out of black sprayed metal. I think that the black color might fade pretty fast on some spaces, especially because the tubes move over each other when you extend it or retract it. Paint is just not made for that. On the bar you’ll also find a cap. When you twist it, you can slide the bar in or out until it has the correct size for you and then you simply twist the button back.

You can also completely extend the bar which will leave you with two separate bars. You need to keep this in mind when you want to extend it completely. Just so you don’t pull it out all the way. All of this is super easy to do and the bar really stays in the right place if you twisted the cap on firmly enough.


The cuffs which are attached to it are made out of leather. I always prefer leather cuffs. The material feels good to the skin and it sweats a lotless than artificial leather cuffs. These cuffs are also lined so they feel soft and comfortable to wear. Something I immediately noticed is that they look more like wrist cuffs because of the size, so I was afraid that it might not fit at first because I’ve got pretty big ankles.

Happily enough, they did fit though. At the largest setting. Because of this. the wide part of the cuffs just did not connect very well. A part of my ankles was visible in between both ends. Personally, I really don’t think that this looks nice and it’s simply not something I expect from ankle cuffs. Even though my ankles are pretty big, they are not abnormally big and normally I have no issues with putting on ankle cuffs.

I like the fact that the cuffs are already connected to the bar. When you have to connect them to the bar yourself with a carabiner, you always have more moving space because of the size of the hook. So, most of the time it’s still possible to put your feet a little closer together (in front of the bar) and move more because of it. With this spreader bar, the cuffs are really connected both ends of the bar so you can optimally use the length of it.

The Test

When my ankles were cuffed, I have to say that I found it really exciting. During BDSM play, I move quite a lot and this way, it was a lot more difficult. When I also got wrist cuffed and these cuffs got locked into place above my head, I could not move anywhere anymore. It all felt super exciting and I was able to completely surrender to whatever my partner wanted to do to me.

Obviously, we agreed on a safe word. This way, it was really easy for me to let someone know when to stop. A safe word is always important to agree on with each other and obviously you only need to play such games with someone who you trust completely.

When I was completely locked into place, we played our BDSM game. I really was not expecting it, but it really turned me on. You’re completely surrendered to the other person and you can achieve everything with the right stroke or spank. And that was really good. During sex, the spreader bar I also very cool to use in different kinds of positions. It really aims for the powerless, surrendered kind of feeling and for me this is super exciting.


If you have these kinds of fantasies yourself, then this spreader bar is super fun to experiment with. But also, for the more experienced BDSM people, this bar is really nice to use, because it’s just a very good bar which comes with some good cuffs.

I don’t know if the black paint will always keep looking nice if you use it a lot. Until now, mine does not show any signs of damage. Because it’s extendable, you will safe on storage space and this way you can easily bring it to a kinky party. So, in my opinion, this is a fun BDSM toy.