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Butt plug is one of the most common sex toys, but how many people know the true purpose of this device? In order to dispel the myths, dispel misunderstanding and define precise terms, here is the guide on anal sex from well known and experienced sexologists.

What is a butt plug?

This is a toy designed to be used during sex with a partner or individually. By stimulating the nerve endings of the anus brings a pleasant sensation. The classic device has a cone-shaped shape, a sharp nose, a limiter that prevents the sphincter from falling out of the muscles, and a wide part at the base for ease of extraction and prevents sticking in.

What is an anal plug for?

The ideal scheme for applying the anal plug is the traditional sex of man and woman. With the introduction of the anal plug in the anus, the vaginal diameter narrows and this leads to stronger sensations for both partners. Also, the butt plug can be used individually, during masturbation, regardless of gender. Here the important question is can you get an infection from a sex toy? According to experts due to misuse chances of infection is higher. So before and after use don’t forget to clean it properly and also use the right lubricant.

Misconceptions about anal traffic jams

Misconception number 1: Butt plug serves as a preparation for anal sex: Technically, it can be used to prepare the anus. But for this function is not intended. A simple comparison will help you understand the essence. For example, the screw can also be tightened with scissors, but it will be easier with a screwdriver. Use for this other toys: expanders or stimulants.

Misconception number 2: Butt plug stimulates the prostate in men: The physiological characteristics of the male body and the location of the prostate gland make it impossible to influence these zones with a classic cork. Use for this purpose special massagers (stimulants) of the prostate.

Misconception number 3: Butt plug helps prevent hemorrhoids: This is not just a delusion – it is a myth. Do not use it for any diseases in the anus. For any diseases, you should consult a doctor!

Misconception number 4: Butt plug will help improve spermatogenesis: Sperm production occurs under the influence of hormones, stimulation of the anus has nothing to do with these processes.

Tips for choosing

There are five major factors that are important when choosing a butt plug.

  • Beauty: To diversify intimate relationships, use anal plugs with a tail or jewelry devices. They are suitable for making a playful note in the sexual process.
  • The form: Toys of the classical form, as shown in the figure above, are the best and practical choice. However, there are other modifications.
  • Material: Perhaps the most important characteristic. Soft anal plugs are quite difficult to insert into the anus, and hard ones can traumatize the delicate mucosa. Silicone is becoming ideal and popular lately, but it is quite expensive. PVC is in the middle price niche and has elasticity, but often it has a strong odor. When buying your first device, we advise you to look into our retail stores and try everything with your hands. Available there are testers of various models.
  • The size: Everything is simple here: move from the smaller to the larger. When using for the first time beware of large sizes.
  • Price: In our assortment there are a lot of worthy goods at an acceptable cost for any wallet. To buy a device cheaper, wait for sales or become the owner of our discount card -10%.

Care for sex toys

After buying sex toys, many are faced with the question of how to properly clean it, so as not to harm either the material or to yourself. Of course, the well-known antiseptics alcohol, chlorhexidine, and miramistin are used first. However, this is a big mistake. About how to properly and safely care for sex toys, we will tell you in this article.

It is important to know!!!

The first thing I would like to explain is why all the same it is impossible to use alcohol, chlorhexidine and miramistin for cleaning toys? The fact is that these agents have an excellent antibacterial effect, but they are too aggressive. And they kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria, and this harms the micro flora. We used to think that these substances are safe, because they are used for example in gynecology. But no one visits the gynecologist on a daily basis, so the treatment of the instrument with chlorhexidine is safe. However, chlorhexidine and miramistin have a cumulative effect, and with frequent use harm the micro flora. And alcohol is a universal solvent that destroys the material of toys.

What is a cleaner for toys?

This is a special tool for cleaning and disinfecting intimate accessories. It should not contain fat, ethyl alcohol and aggressive additives. The main active ingredient of the cleaning agent is a chemical which effectively removes bacteria, viruses and microorganisms from the surface of the toy. At the same time, they are quite effective and at the same time safe for humans. Cleaners are available in various forms: gels, sprays and foams. Gels are considered the most effective; since they evaporate longer from the surface of the toy, and, accordingly, their active components better clean it. However, if you need the fastest possible cleaning, it is better to use a spray.

We clean the toy as follows: immediately after use, rinse it under warm running water to wash away the remnants of the discharge, then apply a cleaner and after a while dry it with a lint-free cloth. After that, you can safely remove the toy in storage.

Perhaps the antibacterial clinic is not always at your fingertips, and then it is acceptable to clean the toy with clean running water and alkali-free soap. However, I would like to mention the cases in which the disinfectant cleanser for toys is necessary:

  • If you are using the same toy with a partner or a partner;
  • If you use a toy both vaginally and anally. Since anal micro flora is incompatible with vaginal;
  • If you have thrush quite often. Since in this case, it is better to protect yourself against bacteria;
  • If the toy is of complex shape and there are various projections and bumps on it. Especially male masturbators in flasks, they are harder to rinse well and bacteria can accumulate inside;
  • If you do not have the ability to store toys properly, separately from each other. In this case, it is worth using a cleaner before and after contact with the toy;
  • If you have a lot of toys from different materials. It is simply convenient, as the cleaners are versatile and harmless.

Another important point in the care of a toy is lubricants. Always choose intimate lubricants compatible with the material of the toy. Do not use as a lubricant cream, oil, Vaseline, etc. This will not only damage the material of the toy, but may also harm your health. Intimate lubricants are produced on different bases: water, silicone, oil-based lubricants and hybrids (for example, water-silicone) are less common. Therefore, you should definitely understand which lubricants are suitable for your toy.

Care for sex toys, depending on the material:

The most porous materials are cyber skin, neo skin, ultra skin, and other “realistic” and gel (PVC). These toys are the most fastidious in care. First we clean it under running water, and then we process it with a special tool for toys. Products made from these materials should only be used with water-based lubricants, as other lubricants will damage the material. Storage realistic are treated with powder for toys. All toys made of porous materials are stored separately from each other away from sources of light and heat.

Medium porosity materials: These are medical silicone, thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE), thermoplastic rubber (TPR). First we clean with running water, and then we treat it with a clinger. These materials are quite durable and with proper care will not lose their color and shape. To use such products preferably with water lubricants, silicone lubricants are also acceptable.

Non-porous materials: Plastic (minimum porosity), metal, glass, ceramics: Do not require special care, as they have a non-porous structure. It is enough to rinse with water and apply any antiseptic. Even the aforementioned chlorhexidine, miramistin and alcohol are suitable for these materials. However, after such treatment, be sure to wash the toy with warm water and mild alkali-free soap to wash off such an aggressive tool can be used with any lubricants.