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We offer different advertising at cheap prices to meet your advertising needs for your company. From blog posts banner ads to the newsletter delivered to the inboxes of our audiences, Shop Equita can get your company discovered by targeted audience while reducing your advertising costs.

With over 45,000 visitors to our website per month, and over 19,000 subscribers to our free monthly newsletter, Shop Equita adds an ideal stage for you to promote your company to a targeted BDSM audiences.

Why advertise with us?

We restrict the number of advertisers to guarantee you at least 40,000 suggestive impressions per month.
Your brand is additionally conveyed directly into the inboxes of our audience, with our monthly newsletter.
We serve a highly targeted BDSM audience through original articles. Most of our active visitors (7,000+) and subscribers (14,000+) are interested in BDSM.
This is a responsive website and it looks perfect on all mobile devices so that you won’t lose any traffic or exposure from mobile devices.

For our rates and packages, email us at ads@shopequita.com