BDSM Collars That Everyone Should Know and Own

Collars are rather popular in the BDSM community, and there are many different types of them out there. Based on the type of collar you own, you will send a unique message to other members of the community. Let’s take a look at some of the possible options for collars and see what they mean. 

BDSM Collars: What Are They?

BDSM collars are a big deal in the subculture. They can represent so many things. But before we go into all the details and versions of these sex collars, let’s talk about what they are. 


Well, collars are sex accessories that a person wears around their neck. They are most commonly used in power play, where wearing a collar symbolizes submissiveness


Collars can be made from different materials and have various designs, depending on their purpose. It is not rare to see a collar with a ring