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Fair Trade Soccer Ball - Premier Model

Could you be love? The "beautiful game" has been elevated to new irresistible heights. Made under sweatshop-free conditions and Fair Trade certified, this eco-friendly, hand-stitched soccer ball fully embodies the true meaning of Fair Play by injecting an important dose of social responsibility into an industry that readily employs child labor. Made from polyurethane material (PU) instead of PVC,  the collection is chlorine-free. The Premier model is ideal for adult play and youth tournaments.

Details: size 5, circumference: 69-70 cm, weight: 430-445 grams. Outer material is Japanese Cordley Shine, hand-stitched with 5 ply twisted polyester thread.

This Fair Trade Certified initiative between youth groups in Canada and factories in Pakistan aims to combat child labor in the sports ball industry and to raise funds for peace building projects. In addition to receiving fair wages, workers are granted health and educational benefits for their families and communities. The project pays a 20 percent premium to the cooperative for workers benefits and community health care. All profits help to fund peace building projects, education, youth sports and skills training programs in war-torn countries.

  • eco-friendly
  • fair trade certified
  • made in Pakistan 
  • project benefiting children in war torn countries
Premier Soccer Ball


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